Anchorage Municipality Elderly Care (Alaska)

An Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska is a local residential facility for elderly members of the community who need assistance with daily care. Anchorage Municipality Nursing Homes can provide short-term rehabilitative services to people recovering from hospital stays, as well as long-term care for people who don't require hospitalization but can't be cared for at home. Anchorage Municipality Assisted Living Facilities usually consist of semiprivate or private apartments and provide care for the elderly with medication, intermittent nursing care, and assistance with daily living activities. Many Assisted Living and Nursing Homes offer dining programs, educational activities, and cultural and recreational events. In many states, Medicaid covers Anchorage Municipality elder care facilities including Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

168 Senior Assistance And Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 1736 West 11th Avenue 99501 907-782-9923

A Happy Home (Yale) Anchorage AK 2939 Yale Drive 99508 907-444-3648

ALH Assisted Living Anchorage AK 1023 State Street 99504 907-245-7405

Aaron Assisted Living & Residential Facility Anchorage AK 3800 Gardner Street 99508

Aaron Assisted Living & Residential Facility Ii Anchorage AK 5305 East 42nd Avenue 99508

Aaron Assisted Living & Residential Facility Iii Anchorage AK 2901 Valleywood Drive 99517

Aaron Assisted Living Ii Anchorage AK 4201 Resurrection Drive 99504 907-230-0358

Above Care Alh Anchorage AK 2351 Paxson Drive 99504 907-891-2454

Abra Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 1609 Betula Circle 99507 907-522-0564

Abuelita Alh Anchorage AK 1105 San Antonio Street 99508 907-677-0230

Add A Touch Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 1110 Medfra Street 99501

Adela Assisted Living Home, Inc Anchorage AK 7940 Ladasa Place 99507 907-522-2783

Adl Unlimited Anchorage AK 1722 West 99th Avenue 99515

Advantage Senior Care Anchorage AK 2060 Brigadier Drive 99507 907-345-3416

Ak Care, Comfort And Company Anchorage AK 1419 Annapolis Drive 99508 907-929-1234

Alaska Care Assisted Living Anchorage AK 3120 West 79th Avenue 99502

Alaska Helps Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 4861 Southpark Bluff Drive 99516

Alaska Independent & Transitional Living Alh Anchorage AK 8531 Little Dipper Avenue 99504 907-222-1153

Alaska Premier Assisted Living Anchorage AK 3454 Lunar Drive 99504 907-382-0991

Alaska Premier Assisted Living Llc-A Anchorage AK 9119 Little Brook Street 99507 907-382-0991

Alaska Quality Care Alh Anchorage AK 8811 Cordell Circle 99502 907-433-9189

Alaskan Red Assisted Living Anchorage AK 6291 Gross Drive 99507 907-891-3827

Alaskan Ruby Alh Anchorage AK 1130 Contrary Court 99515 907-350-7781

Alfredo Bolivar Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 2425 Marian Bay Circle 99515 907-868-7548

Alkamba Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 1545 Demeure Place, Apt A 99508 907-278-1754

All 4 You Assisted Living Anchorage AK 11415 Aurora Street 99577 907-726-0562

All About Care Ii, Inc. Anchorage AK 2517 Azurite Court 99507 907-317-4590

All About Care Iii, Inc. Anchorage AK 2515 Azurite Court 99507 907-317-4590

All About Care Inc. Iv Anchorage AK 2505 Azurite Court 99507 907-317-4590

All About Care, Inc. Anchorage AK 9300 Aphrodite Drive 99515

Alpenglow Short Term Assisted Living Anchorage AK 3801 Lake Otis Parkway, 250 99508

Alpha-Omega Anchorage AK 1023 State Street, Unit B 99504

Alpine Alh Anchorage AK 3811 Gardner Street 99508

Ambassador For Christ (Afc) Div. Svcs. Anchorage AK 7201 Biglerville Circle 99507 907-575-9709

Anchor House Anchorage AK 1058 West 27th Avenue 99503

Anchor'Care Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 5225 East 22nd Avenue, Unit B 99508

Anchorage Manor #1 Anchorage AK 2121 East 73rd Avenue, 1 99507

Anchored Abode Assisted Living, Llc. Anchorage AK 3909 East Turnagain Boulevard, 1 99517 907-538-5858

Anderson-Smith Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 26031 Log Cabin Circle 99577 907-694-1586

Apc - Cormorant Cove Anchorage AK 8431 Cormorant Cove Circle 99507

Apc - Wesleyan House Anchorage AK 2683 Wesleyan Drive 99508

Aphrodite Assisted Living Home Ii, Inc Anchorage AK 1610 Woo Boulevard 99515 907-344-9442

Aphrodite Assisted Living, Inc Anchorage AK 9101 Toloff Street 99507 907-230-8486

Arc - Aldona Anchorage AK 6299 Aldona Circle 99504 907-277-6677

Arc - Camelot A Anchorage AK 5417 Camelot Drive, A 99508 907-277-6677

Arc - Camelot B Anchorage AK 5419 Camelot Drive, B 99508 907-277-6677

Arc - Camrose Anchorage AK 6100 Camrose Drive 99504 907-277-6677

Arc - Castle Court Anchorage AK 4939 Castle Court 99508 907-277-6677

A Medicaid Office in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska is a local branch of the federal Medicaid program, which provides health insurance assistance to income-eligible individuals and families. Medicaid services include inexpensive or free health insurance for the elderly, which covers medical treatment as well as Anchorage Municipality nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Anchorage Municipality Medicaid Offices provide assistance in understanding the eligibility requirements to obtain Medicaid services, enrolling for Medicaid services, and information on healthcare options for elderly Anchorage Municipality residents. Medicaid Offices can also assist the elderly in obtaining access to Anchorage Municipality healthcare.

Anchorage Alaska Medicaid Office Anchorage AK 4501 Business Park Boulevard, 24 99503 907-334-2400

A Social Security Office in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska is a local branch of the federal Social Security Administration, which provides financial support to elderly people and other eligible individuals. Elderly workers are eligible for Social Security assistance if they meet certain age and work history requirements, or if they have a qualifying spouse. Anchorage Municipality Social Security Offices provide a range of elderly care services, including monthly stipends to retired workers. Social Security Offices provide assistance in enrolling for Social Security benefits, receiving Anchorage Municipality SSDI benefits, and planning for retirement needs.

Anchorage Social Security Office Anchorage AK 222 West 8th Avenue 99513 866-772-3081