Anchorage Municipality Elderly Care

Find Anchorage Municipality AK Elderly Care and Senior Care Services provided by Departments of Aging, Medicaid, Medicare, Senior Centers, Social Security Offices, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.

An Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska is a local residential facility for elderly members of the community who need assistance with daily care. Anchorage Municipality Nursing Homes can provide short-term rehabilitative services to people recovering from hospital stays, as well as long-term care for people who don't require hospitalization but can't be cared for at home. Anchorage Municipality Assisted Living Facilities usually consist of semiprivate or private apartments and provide care for the elderly with medication, intermittent nursing care, and assistance with daily living activities. Many Assisted Living and Nursing Homes offer dining programs, educational activities, and cultural and recreational events. In many states, Medicaid covers Anchorage Municipality elder care facilities including Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

ALH Assisted Living Anchorage AK 1023 State Street 99504 907-245-7405

Adela Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 7940 Ladasa Place 99507 907-522-2783

Aphrodite Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 9230 Aphrodite Drive 99515 907-375-1977

Arctic Haven Assisted Living Anchorage AK 3300 East 15th Avenue 99508 907-258-0197

Ark Emmanuel Assisting Living Anchorage AK 5454 Emmanuel Avenue 99508 907-677-9289

Aurora Borealis Assisted Anchorage AK 22179 Birchwood Loop Road 99567 907-688-2283

Aveline Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 285 North Flower Street 99508 907-868-9044

Best Care Assisted Living Anchorage AK 7120 Scalero Circle 99507 907-344-4457

Compassionate Care Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 235 Alaska Place 99504 907-339-9929

Coronado Senior Housing Anchorage AK 16820 Coronado Street 99577 907-622-4032

Divine Haven Assisted Living Anchorage AK 1961 Norene Street 99508 907-317-3360

Everlast Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 9401 Aphrodite Drive 99515 907-336-1296

Fine Pearle Assisted Living Anchorage AK 1725 Minerva Way 99515 907-644-9079

Fine Pearle Too Assisted Living Anchorage AK 1743 Minerva Way 99515 907-868-3168

Guiding Light Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 11522 Aurora Street 99577 907-227-6892

House Of Shalom Assisted Living Anchorage AK 2745 Meadow Wood Circle 99516 907-222-4868

Jamiezon Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 2280 Lake George Drive 99504 907-868-5296

Kiwi Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 2948 Princeton Way 99508 907-227-5573

Koris Assisted Living Anchorage AK 11551 Vía Appia 99515 907-748-7638

Last Frontier Assisted Living Anchorage AK 404 East Fireweed Lane 99503 907-243-6833

Mama's Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 9630 Albatross Drive 99502 907-245-6262

Mamas Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 2531 Curlew Circle 99502 907-248-9648

Marlow Manor Assisted Living Anchorage AK 2030 Muldoon Road 99504 907-338-8708

New Concept Assisted Living Anchorage AK 4516 Mountain View Drive 99508 907-274-1661

Nightingale Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 1572 North Heather Meadows Loop 99507 907-644-8046

Prime Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 8626 Vernon Street 99515 907-349-1708

Redoaks Assisted Living Anchorage AK 8811 Cordell Circle 99502 907-245-3470

Rosewood Assisted Living Anchorage AK 3722 Parsons Avenue 99508 907-258-1141

Saint Francis Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 120 Aces Circle 99504 907-929-1499

Southern Living Assisted Anchorage AK 9639 Musket Ball Circle 99507 907-349-0999

St Lawrence Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 9221 Aphrodite Drive 99515 907-336-4635

St Mary's Assisted Living Anchorage AK 441 Bonnie Jean Court 99515 907-349-0446

St Mary's Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 4001 East 3rd Avenue 99508 907-929-1588

Sterling Assisted Living Anchorage AK 910 Joham Circle 99515 907-336-6873

Sunrise Senior Living Anchorage AK 1007 West 32nd Avenue 99503 703-273-7500

Sunset Haven Assisted Living Anchorage AK 4210 Galactica Drive 99517 907-243-1159

TLC Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 2401 Oak Drive 99508 907-278-0308

True Love Assisted Living Home Anchorage AK 8340 Northwood Street 99502 907-929-7290

A Medicaid Office in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska is a local branch of the federal Medicaid program, which provides health insurance assistance to income-eligible individuals and families. Medicaid services include inexpensive or free health insurance for the elderly, which covers medical treatment as well as Anchorage Municipality nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Anchorage Municipality Medicaid Offices provide assistance in understanding the eligibility requirements to obtain Medicaid services, enrolling for Medicaid services, and information on healthcare options for elderly Anchorage Municipality residents. Medicaid Offices can also assist the elderly in obtaining access to Anchorage Municipality healthcare.

Anchorage Alaska Medicaid Office Anchorage AK 4501 Business Park Boulevard 99503 907-334-2400

A Social Security Office in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska is a local branch of the federal Social Security Administration, which provides financial support to elderly people and other eligible individuals. Elderly workers are eligible for Social Security assistance if they meet certain age and work history requirements, or if they have a qualifying spouse. Anchorage Municipality Social Security Offices provide a range of elderly care services, including monthly stipends to retired workers. Social Security Offices provide assistance in enrolling for Social Security benefits, receiving Anchorage Municipality SSDI benefits, and planning for retirement needs.

Anchorage Social Security Office Anchorage AK 222 West 8th Avenue 99513 866-772-3081