Fairbanks North Star Borough Elderly Care (Alaska)

An Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home in Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska is a local residential facility for elderly members of the community who need assistance with daily care. Fairbanks North Star Borough Nursing Homes can provide short-term rehabilitative services to people recovering from hospital stays, as well as long-term care for people who don't require hospitalization but can't be cared for at home. Fairbanks North Star Borough Assisted Living Facilities usually consist of semiprivate or private apartments and provide care for the elderly with medication, intermittent nursing care, and assistance with daily living activities. Many Assisted Living and Nursing Homes offer dining programs, educational activities, and cultural and recreational events. In many states, Medicaid covers Fairbanks North Star Borough elder care facilities including Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

Borealis Assisted Living Fairbanks AK 1521 Hilton Avenue 99701 907-456-6700

Caring Bridges Assisted Living Home, Inc. Fairbanks AK 107 7th Avenue, 1 99701 907-479-0334

Crossroads Counseling And Training (Ccat) 1 Fairbanks AK 1509 24th Avenue 99701

Crossroads Counseling And Training (Ccat) 2 Fairbanks AK 1021 Akiak Avenue 99701 907-455-9737

Crossroads Counseling And Training (Ccat) 5 Fairbanks AK 1025 Akiak Avenue 99701 907-455-9737

Debbie's Assisted Living Home Fairbanks AK 1173 Sunset Drive 99709 907-479-8349

Eagle's Wings North Pole AK 109 East 5th Avenue 99705 907-385-0485

Eagle's Wings Ii North Pole AK 2793 Perimeter Drive 99705 907-385-0485

Emmanuel Assisted Living Home Fairbanks AK 239 Ina Street 99701 907-750-6785

Emmanuel Residential Care Fairbanks AK 505 Illinois Street, Ste 2 99701

Extended Family Alaska Fairbanks AK 978 Pickering Drive 99709 907-205-7427

Fra - Condor Residence Fairbanks AK 4455 Condor Court 99709 907-456-8901

Fra - Craig Residence Fairbanks AK 430 Craig Avenue 99701 907-456-8901

Fra - Erickson Residence Fairbanks AK 3747 Erickson Avenue 99709 907-456-8901

Fra - Flodin Residence Fairbanks AK 2980 Mack Boulevard 99709 907-456-8901

Fra - Ruby Residence Fairbanks AK 2505 Ruby Avenue 99709 907-456-8901

Fra - Slater Residence Fairbanks AK 594 Slater Drive 99701 907-456-8901

Fra - Tamarack I Residence Fairbanks AK 1616 Tamarack Street 99709 907-456-8901

Fra - Tamarack Ii Residence Fairbanks AK 1608 Tamarack Street 99709 907-456-8901

Fra - Turner Residence Fairbanks AK 11 Steelhead Road 99709 907-456-8901

Fra - Wright Residence North Pole AK 721 East 8th Avenue 99705

Frontier Assisted Living Fairbanks AK 1015 Evergreen Street 99709

Hope Haven Assisted Living Fairbanks AK 1511 21st Avenue 99701 907-750-7788

Horizon Assisted Living Of Fairbanks I Fairbanks AK 821 17th Avenue 99701 907-978-2316

Let Us Care Assisted Living Home Fairbanks AK 3405 Sandvik Street 99709 907-452-5624

Life To The Fullest Fairbanks AK 1233 5th Avenue 99701

Nadon Family Home Fairbanks Fairbanks AK 4272 Birch Lane 99709 907-720-6909

Pioneers' Home-Fairbanks Fairbanks AK 2221 Eagan Avenue 99701 907-456-4372

Rccf - Fcsa Residential Treatment Center Fairbanks AK 3101 Lathrop Street 99701 907-459-4700

Rccf - Graf Rheeneerhaanjii / New Life Fairbanks AK 2550 Lawlor Road 99709 907-455-4725

Rccf - Phh 7th Avenue Home Fairbanks AK 779 7th Avenue 99701 907-456-6445

Rccf - Phh Bias House Fairbanks AK 283 Bias Drive 99712 907-456-6445

Rccf - Phh Mitchell House Fairbanks AK 3809 Mitchell Avenue 99709 907-456-6445

Rccf - Phh Nordin House Fairbanks AK 1260 Nordin Drive 99709 907-456-6445

Rccf - Phh Silverberry House Fairbanks AK 1260 Silverberry Drive 99712 907-456-6445

Rocking Years One Fairbanks AK 1913 Jack Street 99709

Rocking Years Two Fairbanks AK 3291 Jefferson Drive 99709 907-374-5816

Sandra Boatner Alh North Pole AK 1960 Persinger Drive 99705 907-488-0913

Wild Iris Comfort Care Fairbanks AK 1221 3rd Avenue 99701

A Medicaid Office in Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska is a local branch of the federal Medicaid program, which provides health insurance assistance to income-eligible individuals and families. Medicaid services include inexpensive or free health insurance for the elderly, which covers medical treatment as well as Fairbanks North Star Borough nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Fairbanks North Star Borough Medicaid Offices provide assistance in understanding the eligibility requirements to obtain Medicaid services, enrolling for Medicaid services, and information on healthcare options for elderly Fairbanks North Star Borough residents. Medicaid Offices can also assist the elderly in obtaining access to Fairbanks North Star Borough healthcare.

Fairbanks Alaska Medicaid Office Fairbanks AK 675 7th Avenue, d 99701 907-451-2850

A Social Security Office in Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska is a local branch of the federal Social Security Administration, which provides financial support to elderly people and other eligible individuals. Elderly workers are eligible for Social Security assistance if they meet certain age and work history requirements, or if they have a qualifying spouse. Fairbanks North Star Borough Social Security Offices provide a range of elderly care services, including monthly stipends to retired workers. Social Security Offices provide assistance in enrolling for Social Security benefits, receiving Fairbanks North Star Borough SSDI benefits, and planning for retirement needs.

Fairbanks Social Security Office Fairbanks AK 101 12th Avenue 99701