Lancaster County Elderly Care (Nebraska)

An Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home in Lancaster County, Nebraska is a local residential facility for elderly members of the community who need assistance with daily care. Lancaster County Nursing Homes can provide short-term rehabilitative services to people recovering from hospital stays, as well as long-term care for people who don't require hospitalization but can't be cared for at home. Lancaster County Assisted Living Facilities usually consist of semiprivate or private apartments and provide care for the elderly with medication, intermittent nursing care, and assistance with daily living activities. Many Assisted Living and Nursing Homes offer dining programs, educational activities, and cultural and recreational events. In many states, Medicaid covers Lancaster County elder care facilities including Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

Assisted Living At The Landing Lincoln NE 3500 Faulkner Drive 68516 402-420-9355

Bel-Air Home Lincoln NE 2328 A Street 68502 402-475-3854

Clark Jeary Lincoln NE 8401 South 33rd Street 68516 402-489-0331

Community Supports Of Lincoln (Csl) Lincoln NE 2231 West O Street 68528 402-476-2000

Diagnostic & Evaluation Center Hospital & Clinic Lincoln NE 3220 West Van Dorn Street 68522 402-471-2861

Eastmont Towers Lincoln NE 6315 O Street 68510 402-489-6591

Gateway Senior Living Lincoln NE 225 North 56th Street 68504 402-464-6371

Gold Crest Retirement Center Lincoln NE 1440 M Street 68508 402-477-1462

Gracepointe Assisted Living And Memory Care Lincoln NE 4620 Randolph Street 68510 402-484-9888

Gramercy Hill Lincoln NE 6800 A Street 68510 402-483-1010

Grand Lodge At The Preserve Lincoln NE 4400 South 80th Street 68516 402-489-8003

Havelock Manor Lincoln NE 6330 Platte Avenue 68507 402-464-2222

Haven Manor Assisted Living Lincoln NE 4800 South 48th Street, 2 68516 402-434-2680

Haven Manor Hickman Hickman NE 730 Larkspur Drive 68372 402-792-3088

High Plains Alzheimer's Special Care Center Lincoln NE 5601 South 84th Street 68516 402-483-0250

Hillcrest Firethorn Lincoln NE 8601 Firethorn Lane 68520 402-682-6825

Holmes Lake Rehabilitation & Care Center Lincoln NE 6101 Normal Boulevard 68506 402-489-7175

Homestead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Lincoln NE 4735 South 54th Street 68516 402-488-0977

Knolls Senior Living Lincoln NE 5801 Norman Road 68512 531-210-1631

Lakeview Living Firth NE 404 East 8th Street 68358 402-791-0157

Lancaster Rehabilitation Center Lincoln NE 1001 South Street 68502 402-441-7101

Legacy Estates Lincoln NE 7202 Van Dorn Street 68506 402-484-8888

Legacy Terrace Lincoln NE 5700 Fremont Street 68507 402-464-5700

Lew Housing For The Elderly Lincoln NE 1700 J Street, 1001 68508 402-474-4003

Lincoln Bickford Cottage L.L.C. Lincoln NE 4451 Old Cheney Road 68516 402-420-6058

Lincoln Country House Lincoln NE 5720 South 25th Street 68512 402-421-1160

Lincoln Countryhouse Ii Lincoln NE 6616 South 84th Street 68516 402-488-0406

Lincoln Countryhouse Iii Lincoln NE 240 South 70th Street 68510 402-421-2200

Madonna Assisted Living Lincoln NE 2120 South 52nd Street 68506 402-413-3000

Nebraska State Penitentiary Hospital & Clinic Lincoln NE 4201 South 14th Street 68502 402-479-3440

Northeast Lincoln Adult Day Lincoln NE 4530 North 56th Street 68504 402-466-2824

O.U.R. Homes Lincoln NE 2445 R Street 68503 402-474-4922

O.U.R. Homes Domiciliary Lincoln NE 1900 A Street 68502 402-483-6134

O.U.R. Supported Living Lincoln NE 2144 Washington Street 68502 402-477-4525

Oasis Senior Advisors Lincoln NE 7627 South 79th Street 68516 402-429-8891

Old Cheney Rehabilitation Lincoln NE 5431 South 16th Street 68512 531-739-3200

Orchard Park Lincoln NE 3110 South 48th Street 68506 402-488-8191

Our Homes Assisted Living Lincoln NE 2039 Q Street, 1 68503 402-474-2121

Pemberly Place Senior Living Lincoln NE 7655 Archer Place 68516 402-413-9770

Prescott Place Lincoln NE 4603 Prescott Avenue 68506 402-483-4086

South Ville Adult Day Center Lincoln NE 2121 South 56th Street 68506 402-486-3130

Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center Lincoln NE 9401 Andermatt Drive 68526 402-476-3274

St. Jane De Chantal Long Term Care Services Lincoln NE 2200 South 52nd Street 68506 402-413-3000

Sumner Place Lincoln NE 1750 South 20th Street 68502 402-475-6791

A Department of Aging in Lancaster County, Nebraska is a government agency at the state, county, or local level that provides support and assistance to elderly members of the community. Lancaster County Departments of Aging offer a number of services and programs to promote the health, safety, and independence of the elderly, including health and wellness programs, caregiver services, and elder abuse prevention. At the local Lancaster County level, Departments of Aging are involved in directly providing services, which can include cultural and recreational programming.

Nebraska State Department of Aging Lincoln NE 301 Centennial Mall South 68508 402-471-2306

A Senior Center in Lancaster County, Nebraska is a local organization that provides programming and services for older members of the community. Lancaster County Senior Centers offer a variety of programming, including cultural and recreational events, classes on nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing, and technology assistance. Senior Centers also assist local seniors in accessing Lancaster County social services for the elderly by providing workshops on senior rights, access to Medicare, and transportation assistance. Some senior centers charge fees, and some may be open to participants of all ages.

Jo Ann Maxey Senior Center Lincoln NE 2032 P Street 68503 402-441-7849

Lake Street Senior Center Lincoln NE 2400 South 11th Street 68502 402-441-7157

Lincoln Lancaster Senior Center Lincoln NE 1005 O Street 68508 402-441-7158

Lincoln Northeast Senior Center Lincoln NE 6310 Platte Avenue 68507 402-441-7151

A Social Security Office in Lancaster County, Nebraska is a local branch of the federal Social Security Administration, which provides financial support to elderly people and other eligible individuals. Elderly workers are eligible for Social Security assistance if they meet certain age and work history requirements, or if they have a qualifying spouse. Lancaster County Social Security Offices provide a range of elderly care services, including monthly stipends to retired workers. Social Security Offices provide assistance in enrolling for Social Security benefits, receiving Lancaster County SSDI benefits, and planning for retirement needs.

Lincoln Social Security Office Lincoln NE 100 Centennial Mall North 68508 866-593-2880